Welcome to Crazy Pedro’s

We love to party all the time down here at Pedro’s. Come & check out Manchester’s largest Mezcal & Tequila selection, grab a Frozen Margarita and a slice of Pizza and watch the party unfold.

We’re pretty laid back here. No bookings, No Table Service, No Worries, order ya food at the bar, maybe grab an Ice Cold Beer & a shot of Tequila and we’ll give you a shout when your Pizza is done.

We’re open daily from Midday ‘til 4am!

Pizza and Love

Pedro xxx

*Why do we call ourselves a Part Time Pizza Parlour? We were just gonna open for a while as a “Pop Up” but as we put more and more work into the joint we decided that Pedro was here to stay. The name just kind of stuck.

Hasta La Pizza Baby!